World of Warcraft Tips- Netherwing Warlock

Every player needs some good World of Warcraft Tips if they are going to survive the game! I had to research high and low to bring you these World of Warcraft Tips, but I believe they will help you to enjoy the game!

World of Warcraft Tips:

1.Before you create your “Main” character, spend some time playing with the other characters available. The cool thing about World of Warcraft is that you can create multiple characters to play. When creating your “main”, think in terms of what you want to accomplish. Do you want to solo play? If so, a Paladin, Hunter or Druid works pretty well. Do you want to be sneaky and do a lot of damage fast? Then the Rogue is your choice. Are you a more supportive type of player? Mage and Priest come to mind. The idea is to fit your “main” with your personality, this allows for a lot of enjoyment when playing.

2.Spend time questing. This is by far the best aspect of the game and it will help you to level fast. A lot of players like to just run around, socialize and kill monsters. Fun yes, does it level you? Slowly. One of the essential elements of the game is to quest, this takes you along the path to the end game. So, don’t shy away from quests, take advantage of them. You will gain both experience and gold by doing so.

3.When you first start playing, one of the many essential World of Warcraft tips is to select a profession. Now, this is crucial for one reason and that is do you want to make a ton of gold or just enjoy the game. If your answer is to make a killing in gold, then you need to pick a gathering profession such as mining, herbalism, skinning etc. If you do this, you can gather resources and sell them at auction for serious gold. If you just want to enjoy playing, then pick a secondary profession such as blacksmithing, enchanting, jewel crafting etc. You will have fun making your wares and selling or giving away.

4.Get to know your surroundings. This is very important. You really need to know where to find things you are looking for such as a weaponsmith or a profession trainer. Of course if you enter any of the main cities, you can always ask a guard to show you, but it is always much easier if you know where you are going by rote memory.

5.World of Warcraft tips number five: use macros. Man, being able to perform an action with the stroke of a few keys makes the game that much easier. Many times I needed to do something repetitively and creating a macro made it very easy, especially in a fight.

6.Do you want to play on a less crowded server? If so, then play a Horde character. The majority of World of Warcraft players are Alliance, so many places are incredibly populated…Ironforge…is a good example. If you haven’t been there or seen the crowds there, then check it out.

7.This World of Warcraft tips has helped me to make serious gold while playing: buy big bags as soon as you can. I can’t tell you how fortunate it is to have big slot bags to carry all the loot, especially if you are soloing. There have been times when my bags were so full I had to drop something in order to carry something else. Nothing is more painful than to have to get rid of a good item because you can’t carry any more.

8.World of Warcraft tips number eight involves addons or mods. There are plenty of really great mods available to the WOW player. I particularly like mapping mods and highly recommend you get one. These will help you to keep track of all the places you can go in World of Warcraft and are essential to questing.

9.If one of your goals is to become wealthy in World of Warcraft, and it should because you will need plenty of gold when you hit the higher levels, then you should sell everything you can carry. Now be sure to pick the right venue, because some things sell really well in the auction house, while others sell decently at an in game merchant.

10.Of all the World of Warcraft tips out there, this is my favorite: Have fun while you are playing, get involved, and talk to people. Help others to finish quests, donate some gold every once in a while to someone who needs it. Offer to run a low level character through an instance. Remember, you were a noob once as well and had someone help you conquer an instance.